Pete's Plums
My Story
On the 29th June I was enjoying a day boating and jet-skiing with my family in the Solent when my wet-suit and "crown jewels" became entangled in a snap davit while jumping from my boat.
On a serious note, I could have bled to death without the speedy response of the Hamble Lifeboat and the Marine Coastguard Agency who came to my rescue within minutes, and I am therefore sacrificing my last shred of dignity to raise funds in their support.
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Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter to laugh (cross-legged!) at my misfortune. My humiliation will be complete when the BBC coverage goes live - I will keep you informed.
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Hamble Lifeboat is an independent Lifeboat Service which was founded in 1968. They operate in the Solent and Southampton waters and receive on average about 120 Incidents per year. They rely on donations from the general public to fund the continued operation of the service.

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